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A Wasted Vote? 


Since Tunbridge Wells was formed as its own constituency in 1974, it has been one of the safest Tory seats in the country generally picking up over 50% of the vote. This is in an area where, on average, 30 - 40% of the voters don't turn up. In real terms Greg Clarke, our Conservative MP, managed to get less than 40% of the electorate's vote at the last election. Historically independents and the non-mainstream parties have barely made a dent in the Tory battle bus. So what's the point in voting for Graham?


Take a different perspective. Every vote for Graham is a vote that the Conservatives want. If there is something in this manifesto that you feel supportive of then vote for Graham Naismith. It is precisely that, the vote grabbing that the main stream parties strategically participate in, that changes the landscape of British politics. The improved environmental policies of the Labour and Consertive governments bears testament to their efforts to grab the growing Green votes that began emerging in the 1980s. UKIP too is single handedly responsible for the proposed referendum in Europe that the Conservaties have promised if they retain power. Far from being a wasted vote, it's a vote that above everything else, molds the future of our country no matter which party is successful. Read more here

And why shouldn't an independent be successfull? Arguably representing a consitituency whilst being under the control of a central party can lead to a conflict of interest. No such compulsion affects us - the focus is wholly on Tunbridge Wells and not the mandate of a mainstream party.

So give Graham a try on the 7th May