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Alternative Methods 

I am disappointed that the current focus on transport relies so heavily on traffic creating measures. I prioritise cycling and walking, for health reasons and benefits to the environment. I also see public transport as a vital component in cutting down on traffic. I think the government should shift its focus towards transport at the local level rather than focusing on national solutions.


Railway Nationalisation 

I resent the privatisation of the railway services and feel that South Eastern Railway does not offer an adequate service for its customers. Rail watchdog Passenger Focus' most recent survey (2014) showed 12% of passengers rating Southeastern's performance as poor and only 30% satisfied with value for money – the worst scores of any of the 23 franchises .I feel that South Eastern Railway has persistently failed to produce adequate results and should be nationalised as a result. Far from bringing the competitive efficiencies that were predicted once out of public sector hands, privatisation has resulted in exploitation of the public. Profit has been put at the core of this sector to the detriment of the consumer.

Road Tax 

Road tax, or Vehicle Excise Duty, is as unfair a tax as there is. Rightly based on the tax emission band it is a disproportionate tax where no weighting is put on the mileage undertaken by the vehicle owner. A vehicle in the highest bracket currently is due a levy of £1,065 in the first year regardless of the mileage that they do. Tax benefits should be made available to the car manufacturers, company car owners and first time purchasers of vehicles depending on their emissions. Road tax should primarily be charged against fuel thereby making it more proportionate to the environmental impact and road usage.