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Graham Naismith

Graham is married to a Tunbridge Wells teacher and lives in the town with three daughters (8, 11 and 13) who attend local state schools. Having served as a police officer for 8 years at constable and sergeant rank on the streets and in CID, Graham left in 2000 and now runs his own small business working primarily within the public sector.  


He loves travel and spent his formative years in Scotland, England and South Africa. More recently he drove overland with his young family to Australia via the Beijing Olympics ( and has subsequently undertaken a number of independent trips including to Morocco in 2010 and Syria and Jordan in 2011.


In his spare time Graham is actively involved in his daughters' school PTAs as well as helping as a newly commissioned officer at the school Combined Cadet Force unit. He enjoys boxing and kickboxing on a regular basis as well as football, cycling, walking, mud-runs and, occasionally, sailing. Together with his daughter Hannah, he regularly reviews the morning papers on Radio Kent.


To date he's been involved with the region's 4x4 Response groups who provide voluntary assistance to people in times of extreme weather as well as SERV (bloodrunners), a voluntary group that provides out of hours blood transportation services. He also helps a number of charities including Greenpeace.


Politically Graham doesn't fit into a box. His manifesto is based on his experiences in the police and public sector as well as time spent travelling and living abroad. All of this, amalgamated with living in Tunbridge Wells, produces a vision fundamentally about what is right and fair.


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