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Crime and Policing

Constitutional Reform

Voting Age

I advocate that the voting age is reduced to 16. An age when we allow soldiers to die serving our country whilst giving them no choice on who decides to send them to die.


Although the 2011 proportional representation referendum remarkably (and arguably ironically) saw 28% of the country successfully decide that PR should not form part of our democratic process, I do still feel that there is considerable scope for reform in terms of constituency boundaries. The Isle of Wight has over 110k eligible voters in contrast to the 21k of Na h-Eileanan Siar (Outer Hebrides) . Both have an MP that sits in Parliament, a situation that I do not believe is fair.


Prisoners to Vote

At a national level, I express deep concern at the approach to prisoners in terms of voting rights. By denying prisoners the right to vote I deny the humanity of the prisoners. Although behind lock and key, they are still part of society and will sooner or later re-emerge. How we as a society treat our prisoners says much about us as a society. The argument that they gave up their rights when they committed the crime is a weak one and carries no place in a civilised society.